Back in the 1980’s the government were dealing with some rather major social problems, and they needed a whipping boy. At around about the same time video players were becoming affordable to the general public for the first time, and as a result thousands of video rental stores sprang up all over the country. In those early days of being able to watch films, not broadcast by one of the three channels available to the average Joe, in your home, there was absolutely no system of control over the content of the burgeoning formats that were Beta-max and VHS. (Beta-max was of course the superior format, but the porn industry opted for VHS which pretty much decided that format war). The result was that films that would never have been given a certificate to be shown in cinemas, suddenly had an audience, ready, willing and able to pay for the pleasure of viewing such works as ‘The Dorm that Dripped with Blood’ and ‘Gestapo’s Last Orgy’.

The government jumped on there chance and started making up statistics and lies about how these movies were corrupting our youth, and that it was these that were responsible for the problems in society. Laws were passed and films were banned, Seventy Two in total made the DPP list, and any one found selling or owning these films could be slapped with fines and even serve prison time. The offending video tape were confiscated and burned, the closest we’ve come to actual book burning in this country in a very long time.

Although most of the these films are now no longer banned, and in fact they seem pretty tame by today’s standards, many of them can be pretty hard to find due to the large number of copies that were destroyed. My friends and I aim to find copies of as many of the films as possible and then write and post reviews and post information on were you can get hold of these classic, gory, funny, sexy and CHEAPLY MADE films.

I hope you enjoy reading about these films as much as we will enjoy watching and reviewing them.

If you would like to contribute to the this site by writing reviews, or if you know were a film can be source please contact us at :- paul@shoutaboutfilm.com


The DPPList72.co.uk Team.


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  1. Luci says:

    Stumbled upon this site while researching for my dissertation on the Video Nasties. Currently have around 25 of the DPP list left to see myself.

    Not much here yet I can see but will keep an eye on it. Good luck with it all 🙂

  2. paul says:

    Thanks for the interest, I really am just getting started on this, the sites only been up for a week and a half, and there is more stuff to put up. First reviews coming soon though, ‘The Beast in Heat’ I think.
    Great choice of subject for your dissertation, have you seen Jake Wests documentary about the DPP List?


  3. Luci says:

    Nice one, I will keep an eye out for reviews. Yes, great documentary, I have the box set and actually interviewed the producer Marc Morris for my project.

    Seduction Of The Gullible is also a good book on the Nasties and the press campaign if you haven’t read it.

    The Beast In Heat has a couple of good scenes but found the plot pretty dull. Prefer Gestapo’s Last Orgy of the Nazi-Nasties I have seen 😀

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