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“SS Experiment (love) camp”: Directed by Sergio Garrone in 1976. Reviewed for by EdgarJSavage (Still not his real name or trending on twitter). SLIGHT SPOILER ALLERT!!

Well here we are again this is the second time I have put pen to paper for my buddy Paul as we attempt to go through the list of the dreaded 72 video nasty’s. I must apologise for how long this is taking but we both appear to be in increasingly greater demand in the …

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“Horrible” Joe D’Amato – Reviewed by Edgar J. Savage (not his real name) – Spoiler Alert

Joe D’Amato AKA – Donna Aubert, Steven Benson, John Bird, Enrico Biribicchi, Zak Roberts, Joan Russell, Fredrick Solinisco, Frederico Solinsko Jr – etc etc. Was born Aristide Massaccesi on the 15th December 1936 in Rome and passed away on 23rd January 1999. Despite his many pseudonyms the nick name “The Evil Ed Wood” is probably …

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